Prepper have a special vocabulary you should be familiar with. Here are some of the most important phrases.

SHTF or WTSHTF - „When the shit hits the fan“, when the apocalypse is about to begin

TEOTWAWKI - (or The End Of The World As We Know It) We all got our own lives and small world. This term indicates the end of the way we know the world from your own viewpoint. This can include our viewpoint of the world from a personal, family, neighborhood, town, state, regional, national or world level. 

Get the hell out of Dodge - A reference to the historical town called Dodge City in Kansas, which is known for its violent history and its fame for being lawlessness. This is the imagination how cities would look like in case of a bigger crisis. More people who are in need of supplies can lead to plundering and a state of chaos.

Living off the grid - When people don’t rely on the public „grid“ such as central water supplies, gas and electrical power.

Rule of three - A term describing that humans can live „three minutes without air“, „three days without water“ and „three weeks without food“

Sheeple - People who don’t question the government and don’t prep. They are the ones first to die in an apocalypse.

MRE - Meals that are ready to eat

BOB - Bugout bag (the bag containing your escape supplies for a minimum of 72 hours)

BOL - Bugout Location

EDC - Everyday Carry (survival items that fit inside a pocket, like a wallet, keys or the print-out version of A Guide to the Apocalypse available on May 25th).

Cache - A secret buried stash of supplies

Zombies - People who didn’t prep and will become desperate and dangerous, because they are likely to attack other in order to get food, water and other supplies.