Plan in advance for the eventuality of an evacuation. Prepare a portable kit („Bug-Out Bag“ or BOB), that will guarantee your survival for the next 72 hours. This is the average time for you to find a new safe shelter place. 

The essentials are water, food, shelter and fire making tools. There are many different approaches on what you should pack and often it’s compelling to choose too many items. Your Bag shouldn’t be too heavy and only weigh 25% of your body weight. Make sure you are familiar with the supplies inside your BOB. 

Recommended Packing List: 

•     Water (for 3 days) 
•     Food (for 3 days) 
•     A small light tent or a tarp to build a shelter 
•     Fire Making Tools 
•     Flashlight with batteries 
•     Mattress tick (that can be filled with leaves)