Stay alarmed

As stated there are several theories of how the world will end. But there is general information you can adapt to every catastrophe.

Even man-made disasters won’t happen all of a sudden. Listen frequently to the news, observe the current international situation and evaluate the risks for your area.

Here are the first steps to follow before the end of the world:

1. Enable your smartphone to receive wireless emergency alters.

2. Download relevant alerts and warning apps (Red Cross, Disaster Alert, Twitter). 

3. Upload scans of important documents (ID, medical records, banking documents, …) to a cloud. If your home gets destroyed, you have a better chance to secure what’s important for the public system after the end.

4. The radio is still the most common way for governments to warn the public.

5. Store other options for communication during a disaster such as Multi-Use Radio Services, Walkie-Talkies or a Satellite Phone.