Have A Plan

Preparing for apocalypses is your insurance for survival. Be sure your family keeps informed about the daily news and the current international situation. A good indicator of a potential apocalypse is the doomsday clock.

Come up with an emergency plan together so everybody knows what to do in case of a disaster.

In catastrophic situations it’s likely for the standard communication channels to fail.

Follow these steps:

1. Create your individual emergency plan. Consider all specific needs (medical, age, disabilities) for your family.

2. Compile an emergency contact list (state the contact details of the local police, fire department, family members, colleagues)

3. Imagine different scenarios and think your way through them. Practice the plan! See it as a Sunday activity for the whole family.

4. It’s important to have several emergency meeting places at home, outside your neighborhood and outside your town / city. They have to be easily accessible for every family member.

5. Inform yourself on where to find shelters and what your evacuation routes could be.