Food storage

Tailor your storage of food and supplies to your needs and personal taste of your everyday life. For a 3 day stay, be prepared with at least 9 liters of water per person. Also store, tea, coffee and milk powder to enhance the flavor of the water. Stock goods that have a long expiration date like canned foods, dry mixes and no-cook foods like protein bars and dried fruit. Try to buy a variety, rather than stocking up on only one of them. Also become familiar with the foods you store and prepare a trial meal from time to time.

Foods and drinks with a long shelf life:

•     Rice and quick cook pasta, instant mashed potatoes
•     Oil and vinegar
•     Powdered milk
•     Canned food
•     Nuts
•     Hard bread or rusks
•     Bouillon, salt, spices

•     At least 9 liters of water per person (for 3 days)
•     Coffee, tea
•     Hard Liquor